WELCOME COVID-19 Response for Global Relief!

An American Baptist plea for emergency ‘One Great Hour of Sharing’ support as COVID-19 creates great need: <.

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  • VALLEY FORGE, PA (4/8/20)—As the United States and the globe deal with the death and devastation wrought by the coronavirus, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) and International Ministries (IM), also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society—on behalf of American Baptist Churches USA—seek One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), COVID emergency support to help families, churches and communities find relief and recovery across the United States, Puerto Rico and countries around the world served by IM. The OGHS COVID RESPONSE is a two part appeal: one part is for relief across the United States and Puerto Rico; the second part is for international relief. Funds raised for relief across the United States and Puerto Rico will be utilized by is ABHMS as part of an emergency strategic plan—COVID RECOVERY: Renewing Hope and Service—currently being developed to address the far-reaching needs created by the current pandemic. Moreover, OGHS contributions will support American Baptist regions and churches dealing with current challenges as well as those bound to follow in the weeks and years ahead. Specifically, donations to ABHMS’ OGHS appeal will assist with immediate needs, such as unemployment or loss of income, housing, hunger and access to healthcare. Donations will also fund programs supporting the well-being and mental health of faith leaders, congregations and communities. In the current context of social distancing, as churches seek to connect with members through online connections, the need for enhanced technology has emerged in many churches. ABHMS also seeks to support American Baptist regions, denominationally related colleges, universities and seminaries along with community ministries (Neighborhood Action Programs and other service organizations) that are serving families in marginalized settings. There are also emerging needs that are not presently known. Funds given to OGHS COVID RESPONSE: INTERNATIONAL for global relief will be used by IM to respond to requests by international partners for emergency grants. Gifts will meet immediate needs for feeding, housing and providing healthcare for persons impacted by COVID-19, with particular support for emergent and unmet needs of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrant populations. Funds will also support IM’s global partners at risk of suspending vital services to vulnerable members of their communities and will facilitate activities and programs focused on sustainable solutions that address the long-term impact of the pandemic:
  • In response to the generous requests to provide assistance during the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic,Response for Global Relief is launching a COVID-19 Community Response Campaign. The efforts is to direct people’s generosity, time, and resources to provide meaningful impact for patients and caregivers of the coronavirus in a variety of ways. COVID-19 Global Relief Response Campaign priorities include: -Donate to support Clinics and caregivers:– Support the needs of frontline caregivers with items such as gift cards for meals from local restaurants. -Contribute needed supplies:– To be prepared for a potential surge of patients in the coming weeks, American Clothing Co. will help source the following supplies as hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, hand gloves, and masks. -Donate to COVID-19 treatment and research. Supply masks and hand gloves to affected communities:– Follow instructions on making approved masks to help us support the community. These donated masks will be used to help reinforce cough etiquette in our community. Cough etiquette, which includes covering your cough, is an important way to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect those around us. About a thousand units will be provided on set to be shared with the public. We need both male and female talents for this Promotional Campaign in different affected locations across the state. We believe this will provide relief during the crisis and also help boost sales across the country after the crisis. Talent will serve as a model, showcasing different holiday wears, makeup looks, and trends. The wardrobe for the shoot, professional hair, and makeup will all be provided on set. Models must have a great smile and should be very expressive with their eyes, body language, and able to take directions well. The concept for the Promotional Campaign Shoot will be a railway concept, so shots will be taken on a train track/station closer to where you are located in order to avoid any traveling during this hazardous time, and pictures will be used to advertise products and also for the photographer's portfolio as well. We are currently in discussion with the Railway Authorities to find an isolated spot for the shoots to be taken without interruption from train activities. Due to the pandemic, we’ll have just a few of the crew members to participate in the shoot, the MUA, and the stylist which will be led by the photographer. Our main goal is to continue to pursue the American dream, To support one another and remain connected as an American Citizens.
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